Considering Style & Function in Drapery

A room is incomplete without drapery. Drapery gives depth and dimension to a space, and helps you set the tone of the room. Every drapery decor is based on individual taste, window orientation, and function. Here are ways drapery styles & function can work together:. 

Block Out Sunlight with Roman Shades

This clean-cut drapery can look a little rigid, but choosing the right fabric can fix that. What’s great about roman shades is that there’s no fuss – all you have to do is pull a string, and it’s rolled up. Roman shades are often made of thick, black-out type fabrics to control the amount of natural sunlight coming into a room. This makes it great for rooms where you need to keep distraction from the outside at a minimum, like bedrooms or study rooms.

Using Valances in Small Spaces

In areas such as kitchens, where long drapery is impractical, window valance is your go-to style. Valances are simple and easy to clean. They’re also pretty versatile. In other rooms, you can use valances along with long drapery to give your windows more depth. They’re also a great way to hide your curtain rods.

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Let the Light in With Sheer Drapery

Sheer drapery can give your windows an elegant look. They’re mostly used in living rooms because they let more light in than any kind of drapery fabric. While this means there’s less privacy, they’re often paired with opaque fabric for contrast. One popular way of styling sheer drapery is flanking it with geometric or floral patterns.

Quality Custom Drapery in Tucson, AZ

Need custom drapery made for your home? Drop by our store at 3105 N Campbell Ave., and browse thousands of indoor and outdoor drapery fabric. You’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you. Click the button below to upload photos of your project and get a FREE QUOTE today.

Box-pleated Drapery for Privacy

Box-pleated drapery are often used in more modern, contemporary homes. It’s best used in living areas where you need privacy, because it often uses heavier, more opaque fabrics. People often use plain fabric for box-pleated drapery, but they look great with patterned fabric too!

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Our Recent Drapery Project

Fabrics that Go designed this project from custom drapes and curtains to complete upholstery of dining chairs and the living room accent chair with ottoman. Bedding and pillows were also customized to the client’s specifications. All of the work done is in theme to design and functionality.

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