Supporting Local: How Fabrics That Go Has Thrived In The Tucson Community

Fabrics That Go has opened its doors for Tucson for 74 years. With its longevity in the community, many may wonder how they have stayed in business for so long.

Few Local Stores Specialize in Fabrics

Everyone knows about JoAnn’s Fabrics & Crafts as a resource for crafting and fabric needs, however since they are also a craft store, they don’t have the most selection when it comes to fabrics. Fabrics That Go specializes in everything to do with fabrics – including buttons, decorative pins, and more!

They carry over 10,000 bolts of fabric so if you’re looking for something unique, you’ll probably find it at Fabrics That Go.


Family Owned

Companies that stay in the family always run with the same family values in mind. Fabrics That Go exemplifies just that. Claire Grunstein is the original owner and still comes into the store every day.

Nowadays, her son Bob Grunstein runs the store. Since they keep the business in the family, they also want the Tucson community to feel like they are family too when they visit the store.

Reupholstery Services

Where some stores stop at just selling fabric, Fabrics That Go continues by offering a reupholstery service. Some customers may be confident in doing a DIY reupholstery on their old furniture, but there are some customers that may be too intimidated by a DIY project of that scale.

Enter the experts at Fabrics That Go that can make recommendations and also complete the service!

Expert Knowledge

Speaking about the experts, the ones that work at the store can give great advice when it comes to your DIY projects. The great thing about being in business for so long, is that you see and hear about all the DIY successes and failures and how to remedy them or make them the best that they can be.

Of course they also have the most knowledge about the products they carry and the best uses you can get from them.

Free Classes

To top off all of what they already offer, Fabrics That Go have also begun offering free classes for kids and adults. Recently, they opened up a free beginning sewing class for kids. The class was so popular that it filled up.

The company hosts these classes in hopes of bringing together the families of the Tucson community.

Keeps Tucson Community In Mind

Claire Grunstein loves her Tucson community and gives back any time she can. With the free classes she offers to the fabrics she donates to the Ronald McDonald House to help families feel more at home while their kids go through a tough time in the Tucson Hospital.

Fabrics That Go – Tucson, AZ

We are happy to be Tucson’s #1 Local Fabric Supplier, and would love to help you with any of your custom drapery, bedding, upholstery projects. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Do You Want to Learn How to Sew Custom Bedding, Drapery, & More?

If there is enough interest, Fabrics That Go is considering an adult sewing class where you can sew custom bed spreads, drapery, & more.

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