Tucson Loves The Ronald McDonald House Charity

Tucson Loves Ronald McDonald House

Supporting Our Tucson, AZ Community

Parents everywhere can imagine how difficult it must be to have your child sick or injured in the hospital receiving treatment. The Ronald McDonald House Charity provides accommodations for families with children in treatment at Tucson Hospitals.

Families Focus on What’s Important

Parents have better things than worrying about the little things like cooking or traveling to do when your child needs you by their side in the hospital. The Ronald McDonald House provides families with support during these difficult times

Private & Secure Rooms

If you live over 30 miles aways from the hospital your child is receiving treatment, The Ronald McDonald House has rooms with two queen size beds & a private bathroom.

Free Laundry Services

Sadly, hospital stays can happen unexpectedly or go on longer than initially thought.

Close Proximity to Hospitals with Free Shuttle Service    

Parents sleep better knowing they are a short ride away if they are needed unexpectedly.

Home Cooked Meals

With so much to do to take care of their sick children, parents need not worry about cooking. Home cooked meals by their Tucson team are on hand for families at no cost.

Fabrics That Go: Supporting Tucson through Fabrics

After learning that fabrics from Fabrics That Go was being used in the private rooms and living areas, owner Claire Grunstein donated additional materials to make The Ronald McDonald House feel that much more like home for families going through tough times with kids in the hospital.

Take a look at some of the fabrics from Fabrics That Go that were used at The Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful cause that Arizonans need. We give back because we believe being a parent means doing all you can to be there for your kids when they need you. Fabrics That Go takes pride in contributing towards helping these Arizona families, and wants to connect you with ways you can help.  

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If there is enough interest, Fabrics That Go is considering an adult sewing class where you can sew custom bed spreads, drapery, & more.

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