What’s Your Style? Different Home Design Styles & How To Recognize Them

Do you go into a store to look for new decor but you’re not quite sure how to explain your personal design style? You’re not alone! With all the differing styles, sometimes we combine several styles together. Typical home design has rules, but never feel like you’re limited to just one design style. 

Here are some home design styles and how to recognize each one –


Modern design is a vague term, but usually refers to decor and pieces with clean, crisp lines and a simple color palette. Typically this design style incorporates a lot of metal, glass, and steel.

With this you’ll want to make sure you don’t over decorate as a modern design is set with the idea that there is very little clutter and gives a feeling of sleekness.


Industrial design is as simple as it sounds. It takes inspiration from industrial buildings such as warehouses and lofts and incorporates it into the design. It usually leans towards the more unfinished look, a neutral color palette, and a few pieces of art that bring in some color.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate this design style is with lighting fixtures – many of which are hanging with exposed bulbs.


This design style refers to classic details with a lot of decor pieces, ornate furniture. Typically a home with this style will feature dark wood, rich color palettes, and different textures and curved lines.

Traditional also likes to play on luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk and brocade.


If you’re looking for a more carefree design, Bohemian is the one you’re looking for. It reflects a carefree lifestyle and there are little rules when it comes to decorating bohemian.

These homes could include vintage furniture, rugs inspired from other cultures, and decor that could be found at a flea market.

Bohemian style is a laid back style that doesn’t have strict rules – anything goes as long as it’s something you love.


One of the more popular designs these days, Rustic design, draws from inspiration of the natural. Raw and unfinished design pieces are often used including wood and stone.

Many homes utilize decor that mimics the outdoors and pairs it with vaulted ceilings, wooden beams, and reclaimed wood.


Shabby Chic design is similar to Bohemian, but tends to fall more towards the feminine side by showing off a softer, more delicate choice in decor pieces.

Furnishing is often distressed (or looks like it) with antique finishes. The color palette typically stays in the white, cream, and pastels. To bring a more feminine vibe, most use lighting fixtures that look more luxurious (this is the Chic side of Shabby Chic).

These are just a few of the popular designs you’ll see. Whatever your design vibe is, remember that you don’t always have to buy expensive items to perfect your home. There are many DIY projects to consider when designing. If it’s fabric that you’re looking for, a company in Tucson, Fabrics That Go, carries more than 10,000 bolts of fabric. You can find all your design aesthetics in addition to many others that you may have forgotten, or didn’t know existed!


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