Using Patterns To Bring Personality To Your Arizona Home

When it comes to decorating your home, there are many places you can start. Some begin with finding cool knick-knacks, while others stick to throw pillows and curtains. However you start, just make sure it represents your personality! One easy way to do this is by using patterns in your decor. Here are a few ways to incorporate chic, quirky, or simple patterns –


When picking out bedding, some may stick to solid colors. If you’re trying to make your bedrooms look like a hotel, then a solid color may be your number one choice. To be more bold, have fun and pick out a pattern like chevron stripes, polka dots, or even something moroccan/southwestern inspired!


Throw pillows are always fun to pick out. They can change with the season or change with your mood! There are quirky pillows with animals on it, or simple striped pillows that match most decor in most homes. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something that screams you. If you can’t find the exact pattern you’re looking for, don’t forget that a throw pillow case is an easy and simple DIY that anyone can jump into.


If you’re looking to add shade in your home while also giving it a subtle pop of personality, try looking to patterned curtains. When shopping for patterns here, it’s usually safer to stick to simple patterns such as stripes or textured fabric so as to not overpower the rest of the decor in your home. Curtains are also an easy DIY project. There are many tutorials online – some don’t even require you to sew!  


If you’re looking for a bigger, louder way to show who you are, why not pick a pattern for your upholstery? Whether that’s a couch or a chair, it’s another way to incorporate patterns into your home. The only tough part is that you may not find the right pattern to fit your home. If you find yourself running into this problem, this is another DIY project you can tackle. However, it is a little more advanced than making a pillowcase or curtain.

Should you feel intimidated by the prospect of reupholstering an entire piece of furniture, look for a company that can do it for you.

Tucson-based company, Fabrics That Go, is a one stop shop for this.

They carry over 10,000 bolts of fabric to choose from where you’re sure to find the right pattern, and they even have their own reupholstery service for those who aren’t interested in doing it themselves!

Fabrics That Go is a family-owned company run by a mother-son duo. They have been a part of Tucson community for 74 years and going strong! Their knowledge in fabrics and DIY projects make them and their employees experts and are more than welcome to give advice on your future projects.

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