Smart Ideas in Transforming Old Furniture

Old furniture transformation highly requires a touch of love and hardwork.


Most of us have a collection of cherished belongings at home, things that are worth keeping, but sadly, most of them become worn and dirty and are assessed for disposal. There’s the beloved furniture, which is more than valuable because they’ve belonged to our family for generations. Disposing of them is difficult to do because there is a special bond between you and that piece. There is an alternative option to throwing away your special furniture piece: Transforming your furniture and giving it a new life. Here are smart ideas for you in transforming your old furniture.

Choosing the Right Shop

Searching for the right fabric and upholstery shop is an important factor in making sure that you get what you want, as expected. The most highly recommended fabric and upholstery establishment in Tucson, Arizona, is Fabrics That Go. You don’t have to worry about how to bring in your furniture because they also have trucks and can load it up for you. Come in and browse through thousands of fabrics to find the best one for your piece.

Your Idea of Transformation

Before visiting a shop there’s a lot of ideas that you want to incorporate in transforming that old furniture into a new look. Think of an overall idea of how that furniture should look, what are the essential colors that you want, the theme, and your style of choice. It is essential that you already have something in mind in what you want to do with that furniture, because when you come into a shop, the first question will always be, “What do you want to do with your furniture?” At  Fabrics That Go, the staff will take care of whatever you may need. They won’t just work on your furniture without providing you with important details of whatever is necessary in the transformation process. Fabrics That Go believes that with experience, comes direction with a favorable outcome. They always inform their customers on the best use of the products and its performance before their customers decide.

Choose Your Material

As we all know, there is a wide range of fabrics that you can choose from. Fabrics with different patterns and texture. At Fabrics That Go, they are experts in providing information regarding the different fabric types. They have a wide selection of outdoor and indoor home fabrics, for example Sunbrella, which is the most popular outdoor furniture upholstery fabric. You should also remember that choosing the right color, pattern and texture can add up to making a vast change of how your furniture will look, so it’s always good to research the best textures and colors that go with your home.

Decision Making

Since you have chosen the right shop for you (Fabrics That Go), and you already have an idea of what you want your furniture to look like, and what material to use, now you need to decide how much work you want that piece to have done. Remember that transforming your furniture does not limit to the ideas mentioned. Sometimes, they also need to remove the skirt, polish the wood, or remove the tufts/buttons to make a drastic change from one genre to another.The experts at Fabrics That Go can help you with suggestions and trends. Like, for example, from mid-century to modern or classic to contemporary.

Every piece that you bring into Fabrics That Go is important, and they take pride in preserving its history. It is like reliving your memories from one generation to another. We have used wooden doors to make bench seating. We also have created a headboard out of ornamental wood carvings and favorite fabrics used as backboards, tapestry, wall cushions, and decorations.

We have even tried using leftover fabric from couches to make matching cornice boxes. Just tell us what you need and we will be happy to assist you.

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