Top 10 Unique Fabrics That You Can Find In Fabrics That Go

When you start a new DIY project, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “ What kind of fabric do I want to use?” If you’re walking down the aisle of a chain crafting store and can’t find the right fabric that you see in your head, consider visiting Fabrics That Go! They have an amazing selection (over 10,000 bolts of fabric), and everything you would need to put finishing touches on it – decorative nails, foam, or cushion.

Here are the top 10 unique fabrics that you can find while perusing Fabrics That Go.


When searching for the right fabric for a time period inspiration, look no further than Fabrics That Go. These fabrics can be used for retro flair in linens, pillows, or clothing pieces.


You can’t use just any fabric when reupholstering your outdoor living furniture. So use the right one that won’t fade quickly in the Arizona sun, is weather resistant, and cleans up easily.

Pick up Sunbrella premium fabric for the peace of mind that your project won’t need to be redone because you used the wrong fabric.


Southwestern has come back into style and you’ll want to visit Fabrics That Go since they have the largest selection of Southwestern fabrics that you’ll be able to find!


For a twist on a floral design, look at the numerous bolts that are out.

They can be used for furniture, pillows, or drapery.


These fabrics can be used in the sense to contrast a clean, simple looking lines and furniture for the eastern classic style. The projects these would work best in are pillows and throw blankets.


This style in general is known as juxtaposing sleek lines with structured shapes by using new materials to bring life to traditional pieces.

With this style’s popularity rising, it makes it the perfect fabric for upholstery DIYs.


If you’re looking to give new life to your windows with beautiful drapery fabrics, Fabrics That Go provides you with the selection that you’re looking for.


Suede and Microfiber fabrics are a classic selection that are most commonly used for furniture upholstery or throw pillows. If you’ve found your way around a sewing machine, you can use this fabric for clothing items as well.


Geometric fabric breaks up solid colors used in home design. You’ll find geometric fabric used most often in throw pillows on a couch or beds.


This fabric is truly unique to Fabrics That Go. Wild Mango/Spice is a fabric that was designed by the owner Claire Grunstein. Claire has owned Fabrics That Go for 74 years and continues to love what she does and being a part of the Tucson community. If you use this fabric, know that you are using fabric that cannot be found anywhere else.

These are only a few of the fabric pieces and styles that you can find inside of Fabrics That Go. While exploring the store, you’re sure to find plenty more for your current and future projects along with some hidden treasures along the way.

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