FREE Kid’s Sewing Class at Fabrics That Go – Tucson, AZ

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Fabrics That Go
3105 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719


Saturday, May 26, 2018
9am -12 noon



Fabrics That Go

Norma Baker will be leading the FREE sewing event at Fabrics That Go

Get Creative
with Your Kids/Grandkids!

This weekend: Saturday, May 26, 2018,  come in to Fabrics That Go with your kids/grandkids (ages 8+) to embrace their creativity, and learn from our expert instructors about basic sewing. Fabrics That Go will supply all of the needed materials & tools, and your child/grandchild will go home with a special piece that they can proudly say- “I made this with my own hands!”

This event is 100% FREE and seeks to bring families together through creativity!

Our Sewing Superstars

Norma Baker, Judi Quinn, & Diana Miller will be guiding the Youth Sewing Class.

Step 1:
Learn Sewing Basics

Children learn how to do some basic hand sewing stitches, tying knots and so forth.

Learn the best tips and tricks from the experts.

Step 2:
Make a Framed Quilted Picture

Once the kids get the basics mastered, we’re going to be working on a little quilted picture, that they will get to frame in an embroidery hoop, where it can be trimmed around with lace, ribbon, and more!

VIDEO: FREE Kids Sewing Class at Fabrics That Go – Tucson

VIDEO: Learn More from Expert - Norma Baker

Enjoy Community & Bond with Your Child

We love getting to know our Tucson Community, and look forward to spreading the love of Sewing and Arts & Crafts with you and your family!

See you there!

Do You Want to Learn How to Sew Custom Bedding, Drapery, & More?

If there is enough interest, Fabrics That Go is considering an adult sewing class where you can sew custom bed spreads, drapery, & more.

Please provide your information if you are interested in Adult Sewing Classes at Fabrics That Go.

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