Arizona’s Largest Fabric Selection

Fabrics That Go has over 10,000 bolts of various fabric options to fit the needs of any project that you can imagine. We are a retail location located in Tucson, Arizona that is open to the public for a project of any size. Whether it is a small project such as a tablecloth or drapery; or if it is a large project for a commercial site, Fabrics That Go has the inventory and expertise to help you with your design.
We also have all the complementary supplies that your projects may need. We have an extensive selection of tassels, trim, decorative nails and many more.


Sunbrella Outdoor/Indoor Fabric

Sunbrella is the most durable, water resistant fabric that is popular for use in outdoor furniture, drapery, grill covers, pool covers, and more!

Customers also love to use Sunbrella on indoor projects due to the ease of clean up, very convenient when it comes to spills & messes from kids and pets!

Southwestern Fabric

Fabrics That Go is Tucson’s #1 supplier of Rare and Popular Southwestern Pattern Fabric. We have thousands of fabric bolts in stock and can also special order. We provide complete fabric project services, from fabric supply, upholstery & installation, to delivery.

Customers choose their fabric and we do everything to turn it into the desired drapery, couch, pillows, lamp, and more!

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