Custom Fabric for Your Arizona Bedroom

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, it can be daunting to find just the right pieces. Whether you’re moving into a new home, or refreshing the one you have, you should consider using custom fabric to put your own personal touch on your furniture. Here are a few things you can reupholster in your bedroom –


If your old headboard is showing its age, you should consider having it reupholstered. Not only will this refresh the space, but you can pick out what fabric you want. The fabric choices are endless from patterned, bold, or neutral colors. An even bigger reason to have this as your first choice of redecorating is that headboards can be the focal point of a bedroom. With something this large, you wouldn’t want those missing nails in the upholstery to stand out like a sore thumb.

Pillows & Duvet Covers

Throw pillows and duvet covers are a small part in a bedroom, but can bring together the style of a room.

If you’re changing the style, or ready to simply change the fabric, this is an easy fix. The hardest part will be choosing the style and type of fabric you want.  Fabrics That Go offers various fabrics from Contemporary style to Mexican Serape, they have something for all tastes!

Curtains & Drapery

The best kind of decor is one that is functional and stylish. Curtains can sometimes be an afterthought when decorating. However, by changing or installing curtains in your home, you can make a room look bigger simply by the positioning and the length of curtains. Plus, you can have curtains that block sunlight which will in turn save on cooling costs! Tip: Tucson’s Fabrics That Go specializes in custom drapery so you don’t have to drive around looking for pre-made curtains.

Fabrics That Go is a one stop shop for drapery fabrics, tassels, rods, and other accessories. We also make custom drapery according to your needs and specifications!

Benches and Chairs

Large bedrooms sometimes have benches or chairs for lounging.

Don’t forget to replace the old fabric on these as well. These are probably the most worn out surfaces since they are constantly being used.

If you’re overwhelmed by how much work this bedroom refresh seems, the experts at Fabrics That Go can help ease the anxiety. Their store carries over 10,000 bolts of popular and unique fabric. This means upholstery is a breeze – especially since they also carry a variety of nails to choose from. To make things even easier, their experts can recommend fabric, give advice as well as offer you their full service upholstery!

Elegant Velvet Drapery

Utilizing velvet for drapery has been a classic choice exemplifying complex character to confer elegance and sophistication. Instantly transform any room with the velvet fabric to match to motif of your home.

Custom Drapery, Valances, & More

Visit Fabrics That Go – Tucson’s one stop shop for seemingly endless in-stock fabrics for drapery or valances. We also provide the professional upholstery and custom drapery services for our Tucson Community.

Contact Us or Call Us at (520) 881-4444 for more information, or to get a quote on fabric or services.

Come in and find the drapery your Arizona home needs. Accessories like tassels and rods, along with anything else you might need can be found in store!

Ask about Claire’s collection of vintage buttons!

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