Claire’s Rare Button Collection

Seeing some objects from the past often brings nostalgic feelings. We are often brought back in time by the sight of these objects. Some objects inspire our artistic side and get our creativity flowing. The vintage buttons in Claire’s Rare Button Collection, which she collected over the decades, are capable of invoking both within us. Today these rare buttons can be considered vintage and would be very hard to find anywhere else.



Claire Grunstein is the 91-year-old owner of Fabrics that go. She came to Tucson with her husband Herman in the late ’70s with the intention of retiring. She retired from her family’s textile business in New Jersey. Retirement did not sit well with the hardworking couple though, and they decided to open a tiny hobby shop a few months after retiring. The tiny hobby shop grew into what is now Fabrics That Go.

Now 74 years and at 91 years old, Claire is one of the oldest hands-on proprietors in the country. Although the day-to-day operations of the business are handled by her son Robert, she still works up to 30 hours a week and you can usually see her if you drop by the store.

The Button Collection

One of Claire’s passions is collecting buttons, and she currently has an incredibly large rare button collection. These pieces were accumulated over time. There are thousands of buttons in the collection and all of them are for sale depending on the rarity and availability. They can range from a lot in stock to only a few buttons left. Most of these rare buttons are of antique quality and made with superb craftsmanship.

The Materials

The materials used to make these buttons are equally rare and exotic. There are those made from Czechoslovakia glass, Indian metals, silver, and bakelite. There are also those made of organic materials like Mother of Pearl, bone, horn and tree nut.

You’ll even find pieces that are works of art in themselves, like the beaded buttons and the fabric covered ones.

What They Are Used For

These rare buttons are normally used on clothing but they can also be used to decorate pillows and upholstery. Quilters enjoy using these buttons on their pieces because of their great variety. Due to the artistic qualities of these rare buttons, they are even used for jewelry like children’s charms and as decorations and clasps on purses. They have even been embedded on coffee tables. The possibilities are endless!

All designers, artists, and DIYers are welcome to check out Claire’s rare button collection. You might be inspired to use them in your future creative projects. Your imagination is the limit with what you can do with these buttons. Come by as soon as you can, since some of these buttons have very limited stock left. Just drop by Fabrics That Go and ask to see Claire’s rare buttons, you will be guided back to explore the amazing pieces, and to choose which buttons you’d like to purchase.

Fabrics That Go is home to rare fabric, buttons, and more! Our staff is also skilled in custom drapery, and upholstery, and will work according to your needs. Drop by the shop to see our vast collection.

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