Show Off Your Arizona Pride with Southwestern Pieces in Your Home

Arizona has a unique culture and that can easily be shown in architecture and interior design. This distinct Southwestern style is colorful yet sophisticated and can be used with many other interior styles. It’s not that hard to incorporate this style into your home. Show off your Arizona pride with these simple tips:


Show Sophistication with Patterns

Pendelton, cabin, southwestern, Mexican, serape & Navajo patterns have all have cultural significance. Most of these patterns use colors akin to the Southwestern landscape and serves as a testament to lineage and heritage.

Oftentimes, people associate class, style, and taste to the weavers dedicated to reclaiming this style.

In hues of brown and red, sometimes even green and blue, these patterns break the monotony in the negative spaces of your home. Adding southwestern patterned pillows with vibrant colors to a plain couch can be a great idea.

Try mixing and matching to see which works best for you.

Add Variety to Space

Some Southwestern style fabrics integrate very well with most Arizona homes. It adds a pop of color while retaining the cozy, inviting feeling. The patterns are interesting enough to uplift a space, but not loud enough to stick out like a sore thumb.

This sofa is the epitome of southwestern color. You can add the most amazing upholstery pillows in the style you’re looking for to accent the plain space.

Furs, hides, and leathers also make perfect southwestern accent pieces. Fabrics That Go has a wide variety to choose from, IN-STOCK!

Update Worn Down Furniture

Incorporating Southwestern style into your home doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. A great idea would be reupholstering a beat up wooden chair,  an old ottoman, or a faded couch. Simply use the fabrics as valances, table runners or throw pillows covers. Stick with the existing palettes in your home when choosing a new fabric.

Most Popular Southwestern Fabric

Chaco Sage is one of Fabric That Go’s most popular upholstery fabric. Custom-made furniture using this lovely fabric is available in our shop.

Chaco Sage Fabric

Cactus Patterned Chair

Cactus Accent Chair with Matching Ottoman

Cactus Pattern Fabric Wingback Chair

Other Pieces

You don’t have to limit the use of Southwestern fabric to your home, of course. Use these fabrics in outdoor benches, RV seats, and golf cart seats. It’s versatile enough to be used in almost anything you can think of!

Fabrics That Go has the largest collection of In-Stock Southwestern Fabrics for any home project – upholstery, drapery, pillows, valances, lampshades, & more!

Our designs can be used in both a traditional and contemporary home. With over 10,000 fabric bolts in stock,  you’ll never run out of options. If it’s custom upholstery you need, our staff can help you with everything – from picking the fabric, to labor, to pick up and delivery.

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