Decorating Your Home For Halloween

When the weather starts to cool down and the kids are back in school, you know Halloween is not too far. To get in the proper spooky spirit, here are some tips on how to decorate your home for Halloween!


The best way to get into the spirit of Halloween is to decorate your home with pumpkins.

Whether that’s artificial pumpkins, or you gather the family to carve real pumpkins, nothing says fall and Halloween quite like decorating with pumpkins!


Typically most people try to get rid of the spiders in their home. Halloween time calls for plenty of scary spiders and creepy crawlers. From tiny plastic spiders to a life size version, you can never go wrong when decorating your home with spiders and their webs. Try a DIY project to make your own spiders (maybe even some friendly ones). Don’t forget to pick up fuzzy fabric to really bring out a tarantula’s form!


Boil, boil, toil and trouble. When your witchy instincts kick in, you’ll want to make sure your home is Halloween complete with spell books. This DIY project is a breeze. Buy some leather fabric, distress and antique it, then cover an old book. Stack your spellbooks with some potion bottles (hint: wine bottles give it an adult spin) and you’re ready to put a spell on your next guest.


Bring your decor together in the fabrics most easily changed – pillows, tablecloths, and napkins! These three cloth items live in everyone’s house and if you just want a touch of Halloween, what better way than to change this out in your home? They can be found in many stores, however these are also easy DIY projects. Find frightening fabrics and know that doing all three of these requires minimal sewing skills. Check out this DIY from HGTV for petrifying pillow inspiration.

Whether you’re making fuzzy spiders, authentic spell books, or decorating your home more inconspicuously with pillows and tablecloths, the fact of the matter is that you’re going to be searching for fabrics to pull off these DIY projects. Fabrics That Go has the ghoulish fabrics you need for this haunted holiday. They carry rare buttons along with 10,000+ fabrics to choose from! With 74 years in business, Fabrics That Go has experts that can give advice on many DIY projects – including those paralyzing pillows you’ll want to make.

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