The Process of Professional Furniture Reupholstery

What to Expect and What to Consider

Reupholstering furniture involves more effort and preparation than what you may expect but the end results are always worth it. It’s best to ask for the help of skilled professionals to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

Size of the Piece

The size of your furniture for professional upholsterers to work on is something to consider in terms of cost, or time of completion . Bigger pieces of furniture will require more materials and may consist of several separated parts like cushions or pillows.

Type of Fabric

Some fabrics are more suitable and much more robust than others, able to withstand years of wear and tear. Choosing the appropriate fabric design to match the room aesthetic while addressing function is important, especially when browsing thousands of upholstery fabric.

Replacement Fillers, Legs, and Springs

Among others, these three common components of furniture get a lot of abuse and their restoration is included in the reupholstering process. They need to be intricately restored to make sure that they’re in top shape with the right materials like foam or batting. Restoring pieces takes skill and care when older furniture may be more delicate or antique.

Special Requests

You can also request an assortment of features to be added to your piece of furniture. Any piping, tufting, or buttons are fun additions to show off style, and will also involve an intricate process of sewing and checking on compatibility.

Reupholstering With Fabrics That Go

To learn about how much fabric you’ll need and what it would cost for professional reupholstery from Fabrics That Go, simply send us a photo of the piece you need us to work on and any ideas you had. We’ll send you some fabric recommendations if needed. Some basic measurements will help as well. We will then give you a clear idea about your project to fully fulfill your needs and give the best results. Quotes are absolutely free!

If you are unsure about the fabric you’d like, you can delight your senses by visiting our store in Tucson perusing our labyrinth of fabrics (over 10,000 bolts). Local pickup and delivery is available (adhering to COVID safety guidelines) and there’s a 23 week pace for large projects and 12 weeks for dining room chairs and day chairs.

If you’re interested in reupholstering your furniture, you can trust Fabrics That Go.

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    Everything Needed at Fabrics That Go


    Pick from any style you want for your chair upholstery from our vast collection of fabrics, with over 10,000 bolts of fabrics available for you to choose from. We complete your project from start to finish, get a free quote to learn how much materials would cost and how much it would be for us to upholster. We also custom make furniture, where customers choose their silhouette and fabric.

    Fabrics That Go provides premium-quality fabrics and materials for the project that you have in mind, whether you’re looking to reupholster or create table runners, tablecloths, or window treatment. 

    If any project proves too difficult to DIY, get a quote to find out how much it would cost us to complete.

    Shop now and choose from our vast selection of fabrics. If you can’t find what you need online, contact us for recommendations we can send that may not be available online yet. Shipping and pickup available.

    Buy Fabric for DIY Masks

    Fabrics for Making Masks at Fabrics That Go

    If you’re making your own masks, you will need suitable fabrics to help protect yourself from the novel coronavirus.

    We recommend 100% cotton fabrics for making cloth masks. Please do not hesitate to contact us for personalized recommendations.  Check out our selection in store, online for curbside pick up or shipping.

    Find quality bargains on some of our best fabric designs and materials! You will find rock bottom pricing for more than half the price.

    We Are Accepting Upholstery Projects

    If you have an upholstery or drapery project that is more complicated, submit your project details and photos for a FREE Quote. Our experts will provide you with the cost of materials, and also labor costs for our team to complete your project. Local delivery and pickup available.

    For your safety and ours, Masks & Gloves are worn along with social distancing practices for pickups/deliveries.

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    Shipping Fabrics For Your Next Project, While You Stay Home

    Support a LOCAL company for your next project. It’s advisable at this time to adhere to social distancing and stay at home, but if you have a project in mind and you need fabric to accomplish it, then you can count on Fabrics That Go.

    Choose from a wide range of Southwestern designs, along with other styles, for upholstery, drapery, pillows, tablecloths and more. Shop Online at and have your materials delivered.

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    If you have any questions about what materials & accessories you might need for your project, please contact us by filling out the following form or emailing

    Thank you so much for supporting a local, family owned business. Our team at Fabrics That Go appreciates your business during this trying time.

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