Custom Drapery Styles, Trimmings, and Accessories for your Home

Summer’s here. If you want to block the sunshine in style, it’s time to take a look at your window treatments and give them a little boost. With all kinds of drapery, trimmings, and accessories available, you may find it overwhelming to choose. We’re here to help. Here’s a handy list of drapery trimmings and accessories for different home styles.


Working with Custom Drapery

Getting custom drapery for your home is always the best option. You’ll be able to pick and choose the fabric and have them styled to your liking. Of course, there are some things you should consider before having custom drapery made. Think about how you would like to hang your curtains – by curtain pole or track?

Curtain rods are most commonly used. On the other hand. curtain tracks are almost invisible, often layering different types of curtain fabrics. Think about how thick you want the fabric as well. If you want to completely block out the sun, heavier fabrics or blackout fabrics will do the trick. Sheer curtains are best for homes that are not completely facing the sun.

Types of Pleating

Now that you’ve thought about how you want to hang your curtains and the kind of fabric you like, it’s time to choose the kind of pleating. The pinch pleat and tailored pleat are best for classic looking homes. The same goes for the goblet pleat. These types of pleating sophistication to almost any kind of fabric. Other styles like the box pleat, grommet, rod pocket, and inverted pleat look best in modern or contemporary style homes.


Next up: choosing your trimmings. Before you choose, consider the fabric and the type of pleating you want. Classic trimmings like brush fringes, bullion fringe, tassels or braid trims do not pair well with solid, more contemporary colors. These trimmings best fit classic patterns, neutral, or earthy colors. For a more modern look, ribbon banding, tape trims, and fan edge are the best choices.


The last but not the least, are the drapery accessories. The first thing you should look at is your curtain rod. Standard metal rods just won’t cut it, after you’ve painstakingly chosen the fabric, pleating and trimmings of your custom drapery. Curtain rods and finials should match the look of your room. Ornamental rods & finials are great for classic or vintage style rooms. For contemporary rooms, the simpler, the better. Also consider tie backs or holdbacks that contrast or complement the color of your drapery fabric.

Want to see our wide collection of drapery trimmings and accessories? Head over to our store at 3105 N Campbell Ave Tucson, and talk to our friendly staff! They’ll help you pick the best trimmings and accessories for your home. We also do custom drapery according to your specifications.

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