Creating the Perfect Arizona Backyard

It may not seem like it, but spring is just around the corner. With spring comes warmer weather – and with the temperature rising, what better way to enjoy it than to relax outside in your backyard? Here are a few tips and tricks to create the perfect backyard:



One step in creating the perfect oasis is to garden. Whether you’re planting flowers, bushes, or vegetables, make sure you plan for the right plants for the season! It may take more time than you can bear to wait, but consider planting a tree. When it grows, it will provide natural shade and cooler temperatures in your backyard.

Update Your Patio Furniture

You can replace your old patio furniture completely, or you can reupholster what you already have using the same fabric as your umbrella. Fabrics That Go offers full service upholstery and can order Sunbrella fabric to arrive in just a few days. Hot tip: Sunbrella fabric doesn’t need to be used solely outside – it’s great for indoor furniture as it cleans up easily for both spills and homes with pets!

Replace Your Umbrella

If you don’t want to wait for a tree to grow to give off natural shade, purchase a patio umbrella or replace the torn fabric on an old one! When looking to replace old umbrella fabric, make sure you choose the right one. It needs to be water resistant and not fade easily in the sun. Consider using Sunbrella fabric – famous for its durability and wide range of colors available. You can find this fabric at your Tucson’s own Fabrics That Go!

Install An Awning

Another shade solution is to install an awning. There are many options to choose from, but remember, you don’t have to replace the whole awning if just the fabric is torn. If you find your current or future awning fabric has not held up, replace it with Fabrics That Go. They will remove, measure and install for you!

Once you have made all these updates to your home, relax in your new (or feels like new) furniture under the shade of your umbrella or awning. Remember to thank Fabrics That Go for making your life easier and your home feel refreshed and renewed!

Fabrics That Go is a one stop shop for all your upholstery needs, from indoor to outdoor furniture! Our staff is skilled in custom upholstery and will work according to your needs and specifications!

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