Sunbrella for Your Arizona Home

The Sonoran might be known as the wettest desert, but on average it rains only 36 days in a year. Arizona is sunny for the most part of the year, and chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time in your backyard or patio. How do you make your outdoor spaces more inviting? Using the right outdoor fabric for your furniture can make all the difference. Fabrics That Go carries Sunbrella, and it’s one of the best outdoor fabrics you can get. Here’s why:

Made to Last

Sunbrella is a type of fabric with wool-like or cotton-like appearance and texture but is totally synthetic. Made with 100% acrylic fiber, it’s durable enough to withstand the intense Arizona sun and almost any outdoor activity. Because it’s synthetic, it’s fade and stain resistant, it’s not susceptible to mold and mildew.

Popular for Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor drapery, grill covers, outdoor upholstery and pillows --these are only a few ways you can use Sunbrella. Because it’s easy to clean, it’s also popular for indoor furniture, especially in high traffic areas in homes with pets and children.

Bar stool cushions or upholstery for easy clean up, with attractive solid colors, are perfect for outdoor bars and barbecues.
Wipe down spills and moisture easily off Sunbrella Fabric, which will last for many years, maintaining its vibrant colors.

Pictured: Just completed sailboat cushions and accessories with specific marine grade vinyl for outdoors.

Style Options to Fit Any Home

With so many color options and patterns to choose from, Sunbrella fabrics make it easier for you to match your outdoor furniture with your landscaping. Pro-tip: matching the color of your plant pots with the biggest furniture will give the space a cohesive feel. Popular solid colors are teal and rust orange.

Southwestern stripes like the orange and red Bravada Salsa fabric (longest running pattern) brings an interesting pop of color. Taupe and grey are also popular bases for larger furniture.

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Sunbrella for Outdoor Upholstery

Everyone wants to keep up with the trends when it comes to the look of our living spaces, even patio furniture, considering how much time is spent outside enjoying the weather. We want it to be attractive and inviting.  Choosing the right material for your outdoor furniture cushion covers can make or break the space. Materials vary from color, to fabric type, and the usage. So let us focus on some tips in deciding what material to use for outdoor upholstery. After all, quality is very important because you want it to last. Sunbrella is the most trusted outdoor fabric, known for it’s resilience to harsh weather, that you can use for your outdoor upholstery. Find out why.

What is Sunbrella?

Sunbrella is an outdoor fabric that is made of 100% Acrylic Fiber. Acrylic fiber has the ability to dry quickly from moisture. It also has flexible aesthetics: wool-like, cotton-like, and blended appearance. Unlike other fabrics, Sunbrella can be easily cleaned. Think of the benefits that you can get out of this material!

Water Resistant

Since it is a high quality outdoor fabric, rest assured that you don’t only get to use it as a shade protector but you can also use it as a roof when it rains (umbrellas, canopies, etc). Aside from that, this fabric can be used as fabric for your cushion in your outdoor furniture. So even if you leave your cushion when the rain pours, they are safe.

Stain Resistant

Cleaning fabric, especially on furniture can be a pain to clean. But if the fabric that you are using for your furniture is sunbrella, you don’t have to worry out about stains. You can simply clean it by spraying it with water and it rinses away those spills. Saving you time and money!

Fade Resistant

Outdoor furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions, like rain or sun. When fabric is too exposed they damage easily. Fading is probably the most common problem in locations with a lot of sun. Since Sunbrella fabric is made up of dyed acrylic fiber, it is believed to produce a long-lasting color to your fabric. Maintaining its attractiveness will never be an issue.

Mildew and Mold Proof

Another concern with our outdoor furniture is dust, moisture, or organic debris, since the cushions are left outside. Leave it to Sunbrella. Sunbrella is also mildew resistant, cleaning this fabric with a mixture of water/bleach will never cause the colors of the fabric to fade.

Easy to Clean

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is clear that Sunbrella is very easy to clean. Its properties make it easy to spray and wipe away any mess or spills. You just need water, bleach and soap, then you are done.

What do we do for our customers?

At Fabrics That Go, we always want the best for our customers. We make sure that when they bring in their old patio furniture or cushions for reupholstery, they bring it home with new life. When you visit the Fabrics That Go Store, check out the 255 different styles and prints.

You can change the covers anytime since our designs come with zippers. Sunbrella is the highest recommendation that we can give you when it comes to outdoor furniture, and we are happy to be your local supplier.

Sunbrella Outdoor Durability Challenge


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